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Electronic Kitchen Scale PT-852 EX - Hope Scale Outlet
Electronic Kitchen Scale PT-852 EX - Hope Scale Outlet
Electronic Kitchen Scale PT-852 EX - Hope Scale Outlet
Electronic Kitchen Scale PT-852 EX - Hope Scale Outlet
Electronic Kitchen Scale PT-852 EX - Hope Scale Outlet
Electronic Kitchen Scale PT-852 EX - Hope Scale Outlet
Electronic Kitchen Scale PT-852 EX - Hope Scale Outlet

Electronic Kitchen Scale PT-852 EX - Hope Scale Outlet

  • Charity Weight of Hope. Kitchen scale with touch panel. Tempered glass platform. Ideal for weighing spices and food ingredients. Measurement range of 2-5000 g with 1 g measurement accuracy.
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Towar dostępny w dużych ilościach
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Charity Weight of Hope - helps children suffering from cancer

Poland's cancer is diagnosed in about 1,200 children a year (2021 statistics). This means that every year the world of 1,200 families comes to a standstill and completely changes in a matter of moments. However, to quote the Golden Ribbon Campaign, which this year is focusing on educating about leukemia - leukemia is not a sentence! For children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia who are treated according to the latest treatment protocols, the survival rate is as high as 90%, while for those with myeloid leukemia it is over 65%. Further life becomes dependent on prognosis and treatment, which often involves frequent trips to hospitals, as well as continuous care for the child.

That's why another unique product is on offer from Lucznik. The income from its sale will be donated to the "To the Rescue of Children with Cancer" Foundation, which for 30 years has been supporting children and their families from the Cape of Hope Children's Bone Marrow Transplantation, Oncology and Hematology Clinic in Wroclaw.

The design of this unique product was created in the competition "Show us the weight of hope" - as many as 160 Young Designers from all over Poland took part in the contest. The Weight of Hope - as it is referred to - is distinguished by its unique and beautiful design, which came out of the talented hands of 12-year-old Martyna. With the funds raised, the previously mentioned Foundation will be able to:

  • finance costly, often unattainable for parents, life-saving medications,
  • pay for unreimbursed therapies that increase children's chances of returning to a carefree childhood,
  • support children's rehabilitation,
  • buy modern medical equipment to support diagnosis and treatment,
  • surround children and their families with psychological care.


  • returned product (unused)
  • open package

What distinguishes the Hope Scale?

The Hope Electronic Scale is a proven model from the PT-852 EX series, which uses a high-quality sensor that allows weighing with an accuracy of 1 g. It is worth noting that the scale is distinguished by a measuring range from 2 g to 5000 g, which proves to be fully sufficient for those looking for a functional scale. The platform is made of tempered glass, which translates into greater durability and safety of use.

Measuring and adding ingredients is also facilitated by the tare function. It is enough to place any dish on the scale, to which we will add ingredients, select the tare option and measure individual additions to the dish - as a result, the scale will not take into account the dish, but only calculate the weight of the selected products. All values can be conveniently read from the large and clear LCD display. It is worth mentioning that the Hope Scale has the ability to illuminate the display, so it will be very suitable for people with vision problems or the elderly.

Key features :

  • functions: on/off, automatic shutdown, tare, change units (unit), battery depletion indicator,
  • measuring range: 2-5000 g,
  • measurement accuracy: 1 g,
  • measurement units: g, oz, lb, ml, cup,
  • lED backlight,
  • tempered glass platform,
  • dimensions: 20 x 18 cm,
  • power supply 2 x AAA batteries (included).

Long battery life and durability of the scale

The Hope Scale is powered by two AAA batteries (so-called thin sticks, LR3), which are already included in the kit. As a result, immediately after unpacking and inserting the batteries, the scale is ready for use. Thanks to the automatic shut-off function, the scale's operating time on a single set of batteries is extended. When the scale is not used for a long time, it will turn off automatically. Comfortable use of the Hope Scale is also ensured by a special indicator that informs about low battery levels.

The smooth surface of the tempered glass makes it easy to keep the scale clean. We recommend cleaning the scale with a soft, slightly damp cloth, so that its appearance pleases the eye of household members for as long as possible.

24-month warranty

The scale comes with a 24-month warranty and instructions in Polish, which should be read before using the equipment.

Kod produktu
Wagi kuchenne
Wymiary (cm)
20 x 18
Dane Techniczne
włączenie/ wyłączenie
automatyczne wyłączanie
zmiana jednostek (unit)
wskaźnik wyczerpania baterii
Unit of measurement
g, oz, lb, ml, cup
Measurement range
2g - 5000 g
Measurement precision
1 g
Dziecięce rysunki
2 x AAA
24 month
Instrukcja obsługi
instrukcja obsługi w języku polskim
2 baterie AAA
Gwarancja 24 miesiące - outlet
Gwarancja 24 miesiące - outlet
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