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Cosmetic massager 101-W Outlet
Cosmetic massager 101-W Outlet
Cosmetic massager 101-W Outlet
Cosmetic massager 101-W Outlet

Cosmetic massager 101-W Outlet

  • Cosmetic personal massager ideal for facial care. An innovative product that will replace a professional massage of the area around your eyes and the rest of your face! Used for more efficient absorption of creams, it will take care of your complexion per
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Zostały ostatnie sztuki - lepiej zamów już teraz!
Zostały ostatnie sztuki - lepiej zamów już teraz!
30 dni na łatwy/darmowy zwrot
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Cosmetic massager 101-W - application

Cosmetic massager101-W is a device designed to make the absorption of creams better and more efficient. The cosmetic personal massager is perfect for facial care, including the eye area. This unconventional device will be invaluable for facial massage performed during daily care, additionally promoting microcirculation and reducing puffiness.


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Cosmetic personal massager is an ideal accessory for home anti-aging therapy. It gently massages while transporting skin care cream to the deeper layers of the skin, so you don't need to pat or massage the cream, as the101-W cosmetic massager can completely replace or assist (if you consider the device an addition to traditional methods) these activities. In addition, it exerts a simultaneous ionizing effect on the skin. The massage has a firming effect and improves blood circulation - and thus also oxygenates the delicate skin around the eyes and the rest of the face.

Cosmetic massager 101-W - usage

a 30-second massage of the area around each eye in the morning and evening will be enough to notice a difference after a while. Apply a layer of appropriate cream to the eye area. Without waiting for it to be absorbed, apply the head of the device to the skin around the eyes. The eye area massager will start automatically. Massage the skin under the eye and the eyelid. If you want to use on the rest of the face, the cosmetic personal massager should be applied longer.

Special care should be taken when using the device. Despite its ergonomic and sharp-edge-free design, accidentally causing too much pressure on the eye can cause injury.

The 101-W cosm etic massager comes with a 24-month warranty, which should be read before using the device for the first time.

Kod produktu
Masażery przeciwzmarszczkowe
artificial material
batteries not included
1 battery AAA
24 month
Gwarancja 24 miesiące - outlet
Gwarancja 24 miesiące - outlet
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