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Overlock Łucznik 820D5
Overlock Łucznik 820D5
Overlock Łucznik 820D5
Overlock Łucznik 820D5
Overlock Łucznik 820D5
Overlock Łucznik 820D5
Overlock Łucznik 820D5
Overlock Łucznik 820D5
Overlock Łucznik 820D5
Overlock Łucznik 820D5
Overlock Łucznik 820D5
Overlock Łucznik 820D5
Overlock Łucznik 820D5
Overlock Łucznik 820D5
Overlock Łucznik 820D5

Overlock Łucznik 820D5

  • The Overlock 820D5 is a two-needle and four-thread machine that will professionally hem the edges of a variety of materials, making 2-5 thread stitches.
286,81 EUR
/ szt.
Towar dostępny w dużych ilościach
Towar dostępny w dużych ilościach
30 dni na łatwy/darmowy zwrot
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Overlock 820D5 with Elastic overlock threads

Overlock 820D5 with Elastic overlock threads

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Overlock 820D5 with Overlock Threads Regular

Overlock 820D5 with Overlock Threads Regular

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Overlock 820D5 with a set of feet

Overlock 820D5 with a set of feet

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Overlock 820D5 with needle set

Overlock 820D5 with needle set

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Overlock Lucznik 820D5 with needles

Overlock Lucznik 820D5 with needles

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Overlock Łucznik 820D5

Overlock is a "higher school" of sewing art. It looks like a somewhat complicated device. However, if you decide to take up its challenge, your works will always already be perfect in every way, and all the edges will be beautifully, accurately hemmed, as if they just came out from under the needle of a tailor's shop. No more handing your work over to someone else to finish! Most likely you will spend some time to "feel" the machine, the way of threading, the choice of tension and other parameters - but we assure you that the effect is worth the effort.

By changing the thread tension, changing the stitch length or the differential settings, you can get different stitch combinations. You can definitely say that choosing the right tension, is the key to success - that is abeautiful looking stitch.

The most important features

  • maximum speed of sewing: 1300 stitches per minute
  • number of stitches: 20
  • number of needles: 2
  • stitches up to 5 threads
  • snap-on feet
  • easy and fast threading threads thanks to special color markings
  • adjustable tension threads (each separately)
  • stitches: rotary, overcasting, chain and ladder stitches
  • adjustmentof length of stitch
  • stitch width adjustment
  • knife inhousing
  • detachable upper knife
  • practical cuttingscontainer
  • built-in accessory container
  • free arm
  • LEDillumination

Standard equipment

  • table for double chain stitch
  • ladder stitch plate
  • ladder stitch foot
  • bottom knife
  • hemming guide
  • ruffle
  • spare needles 90 (3)
  • oil container
  • dustcover
  • tweezers
  • screwdriver
  • speed controller hkt-7

Easy threading system and 1300 stitches per minute

The speed at which an overlock sewing machine sews can be of considerable importance to many. After all, the more stitches per minute it makes, the faster we can finish our project. The speed of home overlockers already exceeds 1000 stitches per minute. In the case of the Lucznik 820D5 Overlock, it is even 1300 inserts per minute.

The color-coded threading system makes it easier to get an idea of the maze of grippers, hooks and eyelets inside the overlock. The foot pressure adjustment, just like in sewing machines, is responsible for the pressure of the foot against the conveyor teeth, that is, it has a significant impact on the transport of the material while working on the machine. Setting a higher value means increasing the pressure, and vice versa.

Want to achieve a decorative crease or don't want the elastic material to stretch during sewing? No problem. Overlock 820D5 makes it possible with the help of differential transport adjustment.

Overlock 820D5 - ideal for home sewing

The professional Overlock 820D5 is ideal for home sewing. It has a universal application for different types of materials - both woven and knitted fabrics. Overlock 820D5 is equipped with bottom and top cutting knife, which can be freely detached. It performs 1- and 2-needle, 2- to 5-thread, overcasting and rolling stitches, as well as chain and ladder stitch. It has a built-in overhang for hemming sleeves, legs and collars. The ability to lift the foot high ensures that several layers of materials can be freely fed under the foot.

This overlock has a telescopic thread guide and clear threading instructions under the cover cover. The accessory drawer contains, among other things, a tweezer, which makes the threading process much easier. The Overlock 820D5 is also equipped with a fabric cuttings bin and a cover to protect it from dust and dirt. Specialized snap-on feet for this model are available for purchase.

24-month warranty

TheOverlock 820D5 comes with a 24-month warranty and instructions in Polish, which should be read before sewing.

Kod produktu
Dane Techniczne
230 V, 90 W
Amount of threads
ON/OFF switch
Waga (kg)
Wymiary (cm)
Waga netto (kg)
Amount of needles
Number of stitches
Sewing speed
1300 stitches per minute
rolling stich
pelting stich
chain stich
lader stich
Adjustable stitch length
F (1) - 4 mm
Adjustable stitch width
Easy needle threading
oznaczenia kolorystyczne
Adjustable thread tension
dla każdej nici osobno
Presser foot pressure control
Differential feed
0,5 - 2,0
Free arm
Upper and lower knife
Detachment of upper knife
Transportation handle
High presser foot lift
Scrap container
lightbulb E14, 15W
Thread knife
nożyk w obudowie
Wyposażenie podstawowe
Rotation controller
Instrukcja obsługi
stolik do ściegu dwunitkowego łańcuszkowego
płytka do ściegu drabinkowego
stopka do ściegu drabinkowego
dolny nóż
prowadnik do obszywania
seam ripper
zapasowe igły 90 (3)
pojemnik na oliwę
PVC cover
24 month
Instrukcja Obsługi [eng]
W języku Polskim
Machine type
Gwarancja na maszynę do szycia - 24 miesiące
Gwarancja na maszynę do szycia - 24 miesiące
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