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SG-516 USB travel sonic toothbrush
SG-516 USB travel sonic toothbrush
SG-516 USB travel sonic toothbrush
SG-516 USB travel sonic toothbrush
SG-516 USB travel sonic toothbrush
SG-516 USB travel sonic toothbrush
SG-516 USB travel sonic toothbrush
SG-516 USB travel sonic toothbrush
SG-516 USB travel sonic toothbrush
SG-516 USB travel sonic toothbrush
SG-516 USB travel sonic toothbrush

SG-516 USB travel sonic toothbrush

  • SG-516 electronic sonic toothbrush is a high-tech product for care and oral hygiene. Charged with a USB micro-B connector, it is ideal for both daily use and travel.

27,47 EUR
/ szt.
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Towar dostępny w dużych ilościach
30 dni na łatwy/darmowy zwrot
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SG-516 USB travel sonic toothbrush
2x SG-516 USB travel sonic toothbrush
14,66 EUR / szt.
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A technologically advanced product for care and oral hygiene. The travel variant allows charging via a USB cable. This is an incredible convenience when traveling - you can charge the toothbrush by connecting it to your laptop, power bank device and even some tablet or phone models!

Thanks to DUPONT active whitening fibers and a special program, the SG-515 toothbrush removes tartar with greater efficiency than other manual toothbrushes. This is made possible by the oscillating action of the device and 38,000 movements per minute.

All plaque will be thoroughly removed and the enamel will be intact.

Key features

  • 38,000 movements/min.
  • 2 interchangeable tips included
  • 3 modes: whitening, cleaning, massage
  • cleaning time indicator
  • automatic shut-off after 2 min.
  • waterproof (IPX6 standard)
  • rechargeable power supply
  • uSB charging

3 cleaning modes

The device actively massages the gums, improving their blood supply, so it does not cause tissue violations or bleeding after use. The sonic toothbrush has three modes of operation"

  • whitening (for removing stains)
  • cleaning mode (for everyday, ordinary use)
  • massage (for gentle gum massage)

Timer that measures the cleaning time

Every 30 seconds, the toothbrush alerts you to change the area of your mouth to be cleaned, and after 2 minutes of continuous operation, the device automatically shuts off.

Interchangeable tips included

The package includes a base, a cord and two replaceable toothbrush tips. Due to the sonic operation of the toothbrush, the tips wear out faster than in traditional toothbrushes. Dentists recommend replacing the tips every 3 months.

USB charging

The toothbrush is charged via a USB port. The power cord is included in the kit. Note, however, that the package does not include an adapter for a 220 V outlet.

Charging the travel toothbrush

The tooth brush has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which ensures a long life if treated properly. It is best not to let the battery fully discharge and plug the toothbrush in as soon as it signals the need to charge. Plug in the toothbrush only for as long as it takes to fully charge the battery.

It is best to charge the toothbrush by connecting it to a laptop - then the charging time should be as specified in the instruction manual. If you choose a charger designed for another device (for example, a phone), observe the following recommendations:

  • 500 mA charger (about 40 minutes)
  • 1 A charger (about 20 minutes)

Do not use chargers with higher amperage or fast charging cables, as this may damage the battery.

24-month warranty

The device comes with a 24-month warranty and instructions in Polish.

Why is a sonic toothbrush the best device for daily dental care?

Few things in a person's appearance catch the eye more than a wide and snow-white smile. However, a beautiful smile is first and foremost a healthy smile. In order to never hear unpleasant words from the dentist, such as "periodontitis", "drilling" or "cavities", it is essential (in addition to regular check-ups) to take proper and daily care of oral hygiene - teeth should be thoroughly brushed and flossed. Tongue cleaning and mouthwash are also recommended. Each of us seemingly knows this, yet problems with tooth decay occur in 9 out of 10 Poles. In turn, this means that we are doing something wrong.

An electric toothbrush or sonic toothbrush can help remedy this problem. Electric tooth brushes have been on the market for a long time and are therefore widely known, but the sonic toothbrush is something of a novelty. And how does a sonic toothbrush work? Well, its operation is based on a combination of two elements - making sweeping movements and emitting high-frequency sound waves.

The bristles of the device move at a speed of more than 38,000 movements per minute. This is really a lot - in more popular electric toothbrushes it is usually about 8,000 movements per minute. Combined with the emitted sound waves, this creates a so-called active cloud, which can be thought of as a kind of "cleansing force field." This is an area that extends 3-5 mm from the tip of the fibers and allows for easy and efficient cleaning of hard-to-reach areas in the mouth.

What's so great about it? Well, a sonic tooth brush perfectly cleans not only naturally hard-to-reach areas of the mouth, such as the spaces between teeth, but also the area around braces. It does a great job of both cleaning the teeth from food debris and (with regular use) from solid contaminants, such as tartar, plaque or deposits from coffee and tea.

What is equally important, thanks to the gentle bristles and sweeping movements, brushing teeth with a sonic device does not lead to gum recession, which is especially important if you want to keep a beautiful and natural smile for many years, and what's more, sonic toothbrushes can be successfully used by people suffering from periodontitis.

Kod produktu
Instrukcja obsługi
instrukcja obsługi w języku polskim
2 nasadki
kabel micro USB
pokrywka na szczoteczkę
38 000 ruchów/min.
Blending Modes
Sygnalizator czasu mycia
co 30 sekund
Auto turn off
po 2 minutach
Can wash roller with water!
norma IPX6
Intended for
dla osób powyżej 8. roku życia
Moc [eng]
1 W
Moc ładowania
1 W
Charging time
1 godzina
Pojemnośc akumulatora
260 mAh
napięcie robocze
3,7 V DC
24 month
Gwarancja 12 miesięcy AGD
Gwarancja 12 miesięcy AGD
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