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Lucznik JK-200 A Hand Blender
Lucznik JK-200 A Hand Blender
Lucznik JK-200 A Hand Blender
Lucznik JK-200 A Hand Blender
Lucznik JK-200 A Hand Blender
Lucznik JK-200 A Hand Blender
Lucznik JK-200 A Hand Blender
Lucznik JK-200 A Hand Blender
Lucznik JK-200 A Hand Blender
Lucznik JK-200 A Hand Blender
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Lucznik JK-200 A Hand Blender

  • Equipped with a metal tip and blades, the modern hand blender with a maximum power of 200 watts Blender can become your friend when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet. It will help you take care of your health and beauty.
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Towar dostępny w dużych ilościach
Towar dostępny w dużych ilościach
30 dni na łatwy/darmowy zwrot
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The hand blender is a rather simple device that is able to meet a variety of needs: from creating delicious smoothies, and soups-creams to preparing healthy pastes, such as those made from lentils, which you can then put on your favorite bread. Of course, the possibilities are greater. It all depends on you and your creative ingenuity in the kitchen. In fact, you don't even need a recipe to create wonderful and delicious food. Vegetables and fruits according to your taste will suffice, while your new blender will do most of the work for you.

JK-200 A hand bl ender - health benefits

Blender can become your ally in maintaining a healthy diet. The nutritious and tasty dishes that instant you will prepare with hand blender will have a huge amount of vitamins and minerals that will positively affect your body. Thanks to meals prepared in this way ,you will lose excess poundsand gain a calmer and more restorative sleep.

Hand blender JK-200 A - product details

Blender JK-200 A is characterized by modern design, which distinguishes it from other kitchen accessories, eye-pleasing colors, quiet operation without inconveniencing household members and ease of use. The lightweight housing with a removable plastic tip is easy to clean, and its ergonomic shape provides a comfortable and secure grip while working.

The blades of the blender are made of metal, so the device will be perfect for preparing sauces, soups-creams, smoothies, drinks or nutritious baby meals. You can also use it to grind soft fruits and vegetables, as well as pastes, herbs, meat, nuts, cheese, hard boiled eggs and onions.

The JK-200 A hand blender comes with 24-month warranty and instructions in Polish, which should be read before using the product.

Kod produktu
artificial material
Moc [eng]
200 W
220 V / 50 Hz
Waga (g)
24 month
Instrukcja obsługi
instrukcja obsługi w języku polskim
Gwarancja 12 miesięcy AGD
Gwarancja 12 miesięcy AGD
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