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Steam iron 2200 W Lucznik SI-920
Steam iron 2200 W Lucznik SI-920
Steam iron 2200 W Lucznik SI-920
Steam iron 2200 W Lucznik SI-920
Steam iron 2200 W Lucznik SI-920
Steam iron 2200 W Lucznik SI-920
Steam iron 2200 W Lucznik SI-920
Steam iron 2200 W Lucznik SI-920
Steam iron 2200 W Lucznik SI-920
Steam iron 2200 W Lucznik SI-920
Steam iron 2200 W Lucznik SI-920
Steam iron 2200 W Lucznik SI-920
Steam iron 2200 W Lucznik SI-920
Steam iron 2200 W Lucznik SI-920
Steam iron 2200 W Lucznik SI-920
Steam iron 2200 W Lucznik SI-920
Steam iron 2200 W Lucznik SI-920
Steam iron 2200 W Lucznik SI-920
Steam iron 2200 W Lucznik SI-920
Steam iron 2200 W Lucznik SI-920
Steam iron 2200 W Lucznik SI-920
Steam iron 2200 W Lucznik SI-920
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Steam iron 2200 W Lucznik SI-920

  • A 2200-watt steam iron equipped with a nano-ceramic soleplate, Anti-Drip, Anti-Calc and Self-Clean systems. Steam ejection of 160 g/min and constant steam emission of 35 g/min. 400 ml water tank capacity. 2m heavy-duty power cord.
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Zostały ostatnie sztuki - lepiej zamów już teraz!
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Steam iron 2200 W Lucznik SI-920

Steam iron 2200 W Lucznik SI-920

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The Lucznik SI-920 steam iron is a reliable companion in everyday ironing, combining 2200 watts of power with thoughtful solutions. With a steam ejection of 160 g/min and a constant steam emission of 35 g/min, it can cope with any unruly type of fabric.

Nano-ceramic technology in the foot guarantees gentle and effective ironing, while Anti-Drip and Anti-Calc systems eliminate dripping and limescale build-up. Features such as vertical steam ejection, automatic cleaning and a washer make ironing easy and enjoyable. The SI-920 iron offers not only efficient ironing, but also convenience and durability.

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Key features of the SI-920 iron

  • Power: 1800-2200 watts
  • Strong steam output: 160 g/min
  • Constant steam emission: 35 g/min
  • Nano-ceramic soleplate - provides even better glide of the iron on the fabric.
  • Anti-Drip system - protect fabrics from staining. The system blocks water dripping from the steam holes.
  • Anti-Calc system - forget about limescale build-up
  • Automatic cleaning function (Self-Clean)
  • 400 ml water tank capacity - iron without unnecessary interruptions to refill water
  • Washer
  • Durable 2m power cord
  • User-friendly instruction manual in Polish language
  • 24-month warranty

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Ideal Power - 2200 W

Invest in efficiency! Steam iron Lucznik SI-920 power from 1800 to 2200 watts, providing fast and effective smoothing of even the most stubborn creases. Ironing becomes easier and resistant creases recede effortlessly. Thanks to the power of steam and a special coating, this iron will effectively and instantly smooth any garment, providing perfect guidance during ironing.

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Powerful steam impact

Smooth your clothes efficiently and quickly with continuous steam production of up to 35 g/min. The steam penetrating fabric structures gently loosens the fibers, making it easier to remove creases effectively.

In addition, thanks to an intense 160 g/min steam blast, ironing even the most stubborn creases becomes easy. It's a solution that allows you to achieve efficiency when ironing, while ensuring that fabrics are treated gently.

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Nano-ceramic soleplate. Feel the difference in the iron's handling

Nano-ceramic soleplate, is the key to efficient ironing. More comfortable to use than standard irons, it guarantees even steam distribution across the surface, protecting fabrics from burning.

With 52 holes, it enables steam output of up to 160 g/min, and the button slot makes it easy to iron hard-to-reach areas.

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Anti-Drip system - protect your fabrics from staining

Forget about unwanted water marks on your clothes with the drip blocker - Anti-Drip. The system prevents accidental water leakage on clothes during ironing. It blocks water dripping from the steam holes in the iron's foot, eliminating the risk of unsightly stains on your fabrics.

The Anti-Drip system works by controlling and regulating the amount of water that enters the steam system. When the iron is upright or standing still, the Anti-Drip system prevents uncontrolled water leakage, which is especially important when ironing delicate or thin fabrics. This allows you to iron without worrying about leaving water marks on your clothes.

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Anti-Calc system

The Anti-Calc system is designed to prevent scale buildup inside the appliance. Limescale, which can build up internally, comes from hard water and can adversely affect the performance of your SI-920 iron and the effectiveness of the steam it produces.

The Anti-Calc system removes the need to manually remove scale from the iron, which is not only inconvenient, but can also shorten the life of the device. It works by using a special resin filter located inside the water tank. It softens it and prevents the formation of scale deposits inside the iron. The filter is permanently installed and does not require periodic replacement.

Thanks to this solution, your SI-920 iron maintains its performance for longer, and the user does not have to worry about the need to regularly clean the device from scale deposits. This is important, especially in regions with hard water, where scale buildup is a common problem.

Warning. When ironing, it is recommended to use only tap water! The use of distilled or demineralized water may affect the physical and chemical properties, leading to a loss of effectiveness of the Anti-Calc system.

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Automatic cleaning function (Self-Clean)

Keep your SI-920 steam iron in excellent condition with the Self-Clean function, which removes deposits from inside the device. The cleaning process is fast and effective, takes little time, and the benefits are significant. This way you will keep the performance of the device at a high level for a long time, without worrying about the possible dirtiness of clothes during ironing.

To use the Self-Clean function:

  1. Unplug the heated iron from the power supply.
  2. Hold it over the sink in a horizontal position.
  3. Slide the steam switch to maximum.
  4. Hot water and steam will fly out of the holes in the iron's foot, along with any dirt inside.
  5. After cleaning, wipe the iron foot dry.

We recommend cleaning the device regularly (preferably after each use) to maintain excellent ironing results and enjoy long-lasting performance.

Iron without unnecessary interruptions

Forget about frequent refills! The iron's 400 ml reservoir means you can enjoy longer ironing times without having to refill frequently. This is the ideal capacity for ironing large surfaces such as bedding or curtains.

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Freedom of movement with a 2-meter power cord

Let ironing be even more comfortable! With no unnecessary restrictions on your reach, you can concentrate on the task at hand, achieving perfect ironing results without interrupting the process. This is not only convenient, but also an effective solution that makes ironing with the SI-920 steam iron more comfortable and efficient.

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Kod produktu
Model [eng]
Presser foot type
Moc [eng]
2200 W
Container volume
System Anti-Drip
System Anti-Calc
Funkcja samoczyszczenia Self-Clean
Steam ejection
W pracy ciągłej - 35 g/min
uderzenie pary - 160 g/min
Typ przewodu
Długość przewodu
2 m
artificial material
Net weight
1,07 kg
Weight with packaging
1,29 kg
cable charge
220-240 V ~50/60 Hz
24 month
Instrukcja obsługi
instrukcja obsługi w języku polskim
pojemnik do odmierzenia wody
Gwarancja 12 miesięcy AGD
Gwarancja 12 miesięcy AGD
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