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Lucznik LR-2020 clothes shaver
Lucznik LR-2020 clothes shaver
Lucznik LR-2020 clothes shaver
Lucznik LR-2020 clothes shaver
Lucznik LR-2020 clothes shaver
Lucznik LR-2020 clothes shaver

Lucznik LR-2020 clothes shaver

  • The LR-2020 ergonomic clothes shaver with a special protective honeycomb mesh quickly and effectively removes lint from clothing, wool products, bedding and furniture, while taking care of materials and user safety.
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Set LR-2020 clothes shaver + SI-720 iron

Set LR-2020 clothes shaver + SI-720 iron

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Set of LR-2020 clothes shaver and anti lint balls

Set of LR-2020 clothes shaver and anti lint balls

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Clothes shaver LR-2020 will take care of your closet. Accurate and safe!

Thethree-armed blade of the shaver made of stainless steel Whirlwind will easily cope with lint on your clothes, bedding or other materials. Most importantly, there will be no trace after its application! How is this possible? The precise and fast blade is protected by a special honeycomb mesh, which takes care of clothes and renewed things.

Shaver LR-2020 also has your safety in mind. You will find a magnetic blade guard that not only protects the blade, but also protects the shaver from damage. In turn, the safety lock prevents accidental start-up of the device.

Key features

  • three-armed blade made of stainless steel Whirlwind
  • special protective mesh with honeycomb structure
  • close shave without damaging clothing
  • magnetic bladeguard
  • safe in use (special safety lock)
  • openable container for lint/mess
  • ergonomic shape to make work easier.
  • easy switch-on
  • quick and convenient charging(USB connector)
  • working time approx. 60 min
  • charging approx. 4 h

Contents of the package

  • Shaver for clothes LR-2020
  • uSB cable
  • special brush for cleaning

Long working time and convenient charging

The LR-2020 clothes shaver can work at full speed for as long as 60 minutes. During this time, the LED mounted in it lights up green. When the shaver discharges, you can quickly and conveniently charge it using the USB connection. The necessary cable for this is included with the product. It will take about 4 hours to charge the shaver to "full", and the LED will then illuminate red.

No mess and no lint

Cleaning clothes shaver LR-2020 does not cause the slightest problem. After all, you'll find a special brush in the package with the product, and the device itself is equipped with an openable lint container, which you can immediately empty when you're done, without making an unnecessary mess.

To enjoy the trouble-free operation of our clothes shaver for as long as possible, clean as follows: circle the plastic transparent cover, and then the blade guard - a metal strainer with a black rim. Clean the blade with the included brush and carefully twist the device. Repeat this procedure regularly always before starting the razor again.Regularly

24-month warranty

The LR-2020 shaver comes with 24-month warranty, as well as a clear instruction manual in Polish.

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Lucznik clothes shaver - combining high quality workmanship with efficiency

It is no secret that after some time, frequently used clothes stop looking like new and need to be refreshed. However, many people make the mistake of thinking that it will be necessary to visit a professional laundry, which will take care of renewing the clothes in question and restoring them to a very good condition. In most cases, all that is needed is a high-quality electric clothes shaver, which will effectively remove all kinds of wrinkles and unsightly protruding threads, thus refreshing the material. For this reason, we offer a functional Lucznik clothes shaver, which is distinguished by its reliable performance and easy operation. What else makes it worth opting for?

What distinguishes the Lucznik sweater shaver?

It's true that Lucznik is one of the companies that has enjoyed unflagging popularity in Poland for many years. The first devices under the name of this brand appeared on the domestic market in 1925 and very quickly met with general recognition. Therefore, taking care of the greatest possible satisfaction of customers, Lucznik provides access to modern devices that make it much easier to take care of the household and improve the comfort of everyday life. And although many people may not realize it, technological changes have not bypassed the popular clothes shavers, which are now distinguished by a number of interesting features.

Although for many years the most popular was the battery-operated clothes shaver, recently the electric clothes shaver, which turns out to be not only more environmentally friendly, but also more convenient, is gaining recognition. Each clothing shaver proposed by Lucznik is capable of working continuously for up to one hour. Noting that, with the help of a high-quality blade, it should not take more than 15 minutes to shave off a wrinkled sweater, on a single charge, the electric clothes shaver is able to refresh a sizable part of your closet. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the proposed Lucznik sweater shaver is distinguished by a special LED, which indicates the level of charging of the device.

Will the electric clothes shaver not damage delicate items?

Customers who consider investing in such a product as a clothes razor are often concerned that it can damage delicate blouses and sweaters, pulling the material or perforating it. For this reason, each electric clothes shaver we offer is distinguished by a special honeycomb-like disc that effectively protects clothing from any kind of mechanical damage.

In addition to this, the proposed Lucznik clothing razor is equipped with a durable magnetic cap that covers the mesh and blades, as well as a safety lock that protects against direct contact with the blade. Therefore, you can successfully carry the razor in your purse or suitcase without worrying that it could snag on anything and cause various damage. This makes a clothing shaver from a brand like Lucznik great for even traveling.

Lucznik clothes shaver - reviews that confirm its functionality

When considering an investment in such an accessory as a clothes shaver, it is worth paying attention to its durability and the quality of the blades. In the case of noteworthy products, the housing should be distinguished by its durability and resistance to breakage, and the blades should ensure easy and efficient refreshing of clothes without the need for multiple repetitions. What's more, carefully selected blades will not dull even through heavy use of the shaver, so that the device will not need to be replaced with a new one.

In the case of such a product as the Lucznik clothes shaver, the reviews of customers who have decided to buy it testify to the durability and functionality of the razor. An undoubted advantage turns out to be its handy size, thanks to which the electric clothes shaver will not take up too much valuable space in the drawer. It is worth mentioning at the same time that the cleaning of the offered clothes shaver itself is also extremely efficient with the help of special brushes attached to it.

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Dane Techniczne
Moc [eng]
3 W
Waga (kg)
Waga netto (kg)
Charging time
ok. 4 h
Czas pracy
ok. 60 min
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nożyki ze stali nierdzewnej
uniwersalne zastosowanie
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szczoteczka do czyszczenia
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Gwarancja 12 miesięcy AGD
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