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Juicer JC-2018
Juicer JC-2018
Juicer JC-2018
Juicer JC-2018
Juicer JC-2018
Juicer JC-2018
Juicer JC-2018
Juicer JC-2018
Juicer JC-2018
Juicer JC-2018
Juicer JC-2018
Juicer JC-2018
Juicer JC-2018
Juicer JC-2018
Juicer JC-2018
Juicer JC-2018

Juicer JC-2018

  • Juicer Lucznik JC-2018 will provide you with reliable support in maintaining a healthy diet. This inconspicuous, but very functional device will allow you to prepare delicious juices from fresh fruits and vegetables every day.
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Towar dostępny w dużych ilościach
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Juicer Lucznik JC-2018 FRESH&JUICY 800W

Nutritionists recommend eating a minimum of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day.... However, this doesn't have to mean boring Brussels sprouts on your plate - there are still delicious juices to choose from! With the help of juicer Lucznik JC-2018 you will treat yourself every day to a real vitamin bomb from fresh fruits, for which you will quickly thank not only your body, but also your mind. Natural juice is a real liquid meal and a delicious, healthy alternative to any ready-made fruit drinks, which are abundant in markets. The small size and unobtrusive, subtle design of the juicer make it easily fit into the decor of any kitchen, even the smallest.

Key features

  • Power: 800 W
  • Juicejug: 1.5 l
  • Filter with INOX stainless steel mesh basket
  • Large inletopening
  • Two speeds(TURBO)
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Safety switches with interlock
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Transporthandle
  • Feet with suction cup s to stabilize the unit

Simple and intuitive operation

The Lucznik JC-2018 juicer is distinguished by its very simple, intuitive operation, so everyone will quickly learn to use it. The large inlet opening makes it easier to prepare juice, as it reduces the need to finely cut fruits into very small cubes.

Clean and hygienic

Keeping the JC-2018 juicer clean and hygienic is no challenge and effortless. Thanks to its simple design, the juicer is easy to clean. Without much complication, you can disassemble it into its basic components and wash them thoroughly.

Save time and wash in the dishwasher

Removable components of the JC-2018 juicer such as, feeder, transparent lid, pulp container, jug, rim and strainer are dishwasher safe.

Capacious and contoured jug 1.5 l

The profiled j ug included with the juicer has a flip-top lid and, thanks to its design, keeps the kitchen clean. It makes it difficult for drops of juice to spill outside. Since the jug has a handle and a "spout", you can pour juice from it directly into glasses. Its capacity - 1.5 liters will allow you to fit more juice for the whole family.

Squeeze with TURBO speed

There are two operating speeds available in the juicer. You can change them at will while using the device. The symbol I indicates the standard mode, while the symbol II allows me to use much more power. Each of them allows to obtain clear, velvety smooth juice.

24-month warranty

The Lucznik JC-2018 juicer comes with a two-year importer's warranty. The package also includes an instruction manual in Polish, which you should read before using the device.

Kod produktu
Moc [eng]
800 W
Napięcie zmianowe
Adjustable speed
dwie prędkości
Średnica tuby
75 mm
Container capacity
1,5 Liter
Gwarancja 12 miesięcy AGD
Gwarancja 12 miesięcy AGD
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